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          Neven Drobnjak

          My name is Neven Drobnjak and I currently live and work in Canada. I have graduated from university in former Yugoslavia with bachelor degree in structural engineering.
          During my carrier,? I was working in consulting and manufacturing environments as multi disciplinary designer. I was mostly working on piping design-preparing 3D models, stress analysis using software Caesar II, pipe flow analysis and piping detailing for petrochemical and mining industry.? For the shorter period of time, I was also involved in plant modeling and structural/civil detailing. You are visiting my online portfolio related to my experience in consulting industry and details about my carrier can be found visiting my Portfolio page.
          My website also contain blog section where piping designers can find articles and topics that might be interesting for the designers that just entering in the word of piping design as well as for the senior designers. Please enjoy my site and fell free to contact me if you are interested in collaborating with me.